Chester Engineers embraces the responsibility to protect the health and safety of our clients, customers and employees, their families and the environment in which they live. Health, safety, and environmental performance are unwavering core values of the corporation, and are managed as an integral part of our everyday business to benefit employees, customers, and the general public.

Risk management, hazard control, and pollution prevention are the focus, and we believe all occupational injuries/illnesses and environmental incidents are preventable. Working safely and with regard for the environment are conditions of employment, so Chester Engineers employees at all levels are involved in health, safety and environmental programs - responsible for assuring that we achieve continuous and measurable safety improvement.

    Core Values:
  • Conduct business in a manner that protects public and occupational health, the environment and employee safety

  • Develop and utilize industry best practices in order to work toward elimination of all accidents and environmental incidents

  • Make health, safety and environmental considerations a priority in designing, manufacturing and constructing all facilities and processes

  • Comply with all environmental, health and safety laws and regulations

  • Engage in ongoing health and safety training - a key factor in the safety improvement process

  • Promote a proactive approach to safety and risk management with our suppliers, customers, contractors and partners

  • Management is responsible and accountable for health, safety, and environmental policy implementation across all departments