Why Chester

For over a century Chester Engineers has been a leader in integrating science and engineering technology to solve complex problems in the constantly evolving fields of municipal and environmental engineering. We have always approached our business with the goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations and that focus will never change. It is the basis of our rich history of success and is the foundation of our confidence in a limitless future for Chester.

As we continue on our journey and expand our reach, we will listen closely to our clients and respond to their needs, while adhering to the values that have guided us since the beginning. Our vision is clear and our mission is straightforward. We will serve public and industrial clients worldwide by applying our years of experience in successful water and wastewater, environmental, and energy-related solutions. The overall strength of Chester Engineers can be found in its myriad of capabilities which include: environmental engineering and management, program and construction management, science and technology research, and information management solutions. We are proud of our heritage, we are enthusiastic about our present, and we are energized about our future.