Operations & Maintenance

Why O&M?

At Chester Engineers, we understand that effective operations and maintenance (O&M) is one of the most cost-effective methods for ensuring reliability, safety, and efficiency. And throughout our more than 100 years in servicing municipal and industrial clients we have found that inadequate maintenance of water and energy systems is a major (yet preventable) cause of waste. Water and energy losses from leaks, damaged or inoperable equipment (i.e., pumps and motors, valves, un-insulated lines, unstable or inoperable controls, and other losses from poor maintenance) are often substantial and very costly. Good O&M practices can generate substantial savings and should be seen as an untapped resource. The good news for facility operators— Chester’s O&M experts can design improvements to your maintenance programs that can often be accomplished immediately and at a relatively low cost.

Reduced Costs Through Remote Monitoring

Through the use of SCADA, Chester Engineer's O&M Team can operate water and wastewater treatment plants and reduce labor and operational costs by remotely monitoring and reducing the need for continuous on-site operations. Additionally, we can remotely monitor your treatment plant and analyze influent and effluent flows and concentrations to increase efficiencies and reduce cost.

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  • Temporary Treatment Systems/Operations
  • Pilot Treatment Systems/Operations
  • Operator and Supervisor training
  • System start-up and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance manual preparation
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Process optimization
  • System modifications
  • Sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Contract operations for plant staffing
  • Plant-Specific Safety Program Development