Sustainable Design

Chester Engineers, Inc. applies a three-phase interdisciplinary methodology to all of its projects to ensure their sustainability. Our distinguished staff of ecologists, earth scientists, engineers and landscape architecture professionals are organized into three branches—Ecology, Earth Science, and Engineering/Design-- that together apply the following generalized approach to each project:

We pride ourselves on balancing innovation and rigor in the preparation of detailed plans and specifications, as well as construction cost estimates and schedules. By thoroughly addressing ecology and earth science, prior to entering the engineering/design phase, our process achieves a streamlined yet rich interdisciplinary result. On this foundation, public acceptance, environmental compliance, and most importantly ecological sustainability are readily established.

Our design professionals devise and employ technical solutions that foster ecological productivity on site and reflect regional considerations. Instead of relying on sterile structural technologies, our treatments harness natural processes such as stream channel dynamics, native plant community productivity, vegetation for stabilization, and nutrient/contaminant removal mechanisms, often resulting in significant savings in site infrastructure and maintenance costs.