Geosciences & Hydrogeology

The Geosciences/Groundwater Group is comprised of highly-skilled and experienced geologists, hydrogeologists, watershed managers and water treatment engineers that employ a groundwater resource development and management methodology designed to fulfill our clients’ water supply and remediation needs. This group provides services related to subsurface site characterization studies and groundwater resource management.

Chester has decades of environmental experience in the chemical, primary metal, mining, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. We have provided services to municipalities with large well-fields (several MGD) and to small townships and developments needing modest expansions. Chester’s professionals are experts in karst (carbonate) terrains and have worked in all kinds of hydrogeological settings.

    Specialty Services
  • Groundwater Supply Planning and Development
  • Well field Management
  • Wellhead Protection Area Delineation and Planning
  • Mine Hydrology and Dewatering
  • Karst Geology
  • Corrective Measures Investigations
  • Remediation Studies
  • Site Closure