Asset Management

Chester Engineers has helped numerous clients in the public and private sectors optimize the performance of their assets and reduce capital and operating costs, through the introduction of our comprehensive asset management services. At Chester, we understand that organizations are operating in a resource constrained environment. Therefore, a targeted and cost-effective approach to asset management is essential. Working collaboratively with clients, Chester’s skilled professionals aid in systematically assessing existing infrastructure, identifying areas of greatest need, and prioritizing investments to ensure safe and reliable performance while maximizing return on assets.

Through the application of innovative technologies we cultivate an intimate understanding of your infrastructure systems, enabling us to develop and implement custom solutions to meet the unique challenges you face every day. Our comprehensive asset management services will help you proactively address the problems of aging infrastructure, streamline your operations, and save time and money.

    Specialty Services
  • Geospatial Database Design and Development
  • Infrastructure Mapping
  • Data Conversion
  • Requirement Assessments and Resource Analysis
  • Internet Mapping Application Development and Hosting
  • Multi-platform Application Development and Support
  • Field Data Acquisition
  • Software Sales and Training