Transportation Market Sectors

Meeting the evolving transportation needs of the 21st century requires strategy and foresight, and Chester Engineers can help you find the solution that fits the unique needs of your community. Whether your project is a local street, county road or bridge, or interstate highway, our transportation professionals can guide you through the task of expanding or modernizing, rehabilitating or replacing your roadway or bridge infrastructure. Our detail-oriented mindset, attention to quality, and constant pursuit of innovative solutions results in cost savings, better operating procedures, and effective project execution for our clients.

From conceptual planning to design and construction, we deliver comprehensive services over the full life-cycle of your project. With experience in highway rehabilitation and reconstruction, traffic studies, utility design and coordination, bike trails and pedestrian walkways, bridge design, bridge inspection, construction management and inspection, construction administration, scheduling, cost estimating, claims abatement and mitigation, and design/build projects, Chester’s expert team always accepts the challenge of providing forward-thinking, sustainable ways to move people and freight safely and efficiently.

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