The Chester Engineers staff is professionally trained and experienced with the day-to-day practical side of the mining and minerals industry; in fact, we have direct experience in a broad range of technical projects associated with Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) water treatment.

Chester has worked on coal refuse impoundment, design and troubleshooting of dewatering and water supply systems, design/construction/oversight/operation/monitoring/routine investigation of treatment facilities, active mine refuse impoundment, diversion ditches, collection ditches, underflow drains, and large scale underground mines. We have also prepared and processed surface and underground mining permits for the operation of strip mines and deep mines, and the requisite coal refuse impoundment.

Our top coal industry design priorities always include safety, risk management, liability reduction, quality engineering, and providing the most economical, beneficially engineered solution.

    Specialty Services
  • Wastewater Treatment for Re-use or Discharge
  • Iron Precipitation
  • Design-Build