Chemical Processing

Chester Engineers supplies safe, quality engineering and field construction services to the domestic and global chemical processing industry (CPI).

Our expert team is able to significantly reduce water use and develop water reuse methodologies which allow improved compliance for discharged wastewater. We also provide added value through the overall reduction of costs associated with the operation of CPI environmental systems; for example, pre-treatment of specific wastewater streams ahead of the main treatment facility as opposed to “end of the pipe” treatment often provides the best economic solution to a problem. Chester’s top CPI design priorities always include design for safety and risk management, design for successful start-up, and providing the most economical, beneficially engineered solution.

    Specialty Services
  • Wastewater Treatment for Re-use or Discharge
  • Biological Treatment
  • Makeup Water Systems
  • Boiler Feed Water Systems
  • Sewer Line Rehabilitation
  • Sludge Management