Brownfields, Environmental Due Diligence, and Industrial Site Decommissioning

Known and, more importantly, undocumented environmental contamination at brownfield sites can complicate, delay, or cause the cancellation of otherwise viable property transactions and developments. Chester’s vast experience in conducting due diligence investigations, including Phase I (non-intrusive investigations) and Phase II (intrusive soil and groundwater characterization) Site Assessments, allows us to deliver site-specific solutions that minimize client risk while protecting the environment.

Our team of experts will evaluate what remediation, if any, is necessary to establish liability protection under each of the common remediation standards: background, generic risk-based, and site specific risk-based. Whether the site is slated for unrestricted use, residential use, non-residential use, or decommissioning, Chester will provide technically sound, cost-effective cleanup strategies that ensure your project stays on budget and on schedule.

In the case of more complicated (or more contaminated) sites where cleanup would be extremely costly, we can perform detailed exposure modeling under various land use and exposure scenarios in order to ascertain acceptable levels of protection, land use requirements, and use limitations.