Water Conveyance Systems Design

Client: Confidential Diversified Energy Provider

The Challenge

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection issued an Administrative Order to a major diversified energy producer regarding the management of NPDES permitted discharges at mining facilities in Northern West Virginia. The Administrative Order requires that the discharged water receive advanced treatment for removal of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). It is proposed that one central treatment facility, encompassing flows from the six Monongahela River Basin facility outfalls noted in the Administrative Order, is to be constructed. This central treatment facility has been designated the Northern West Virginia Water Treatment Facility (NWVWTF).

Chester Engineers was contracted to supply design engineering services for the Water Conveyance Systems portion of the NWVWTF project. The Water Conveyance Systems consist of 7 pump stations and 32 miles of pipeline. This network of pump stations and pipelines will deliver pretreated mine water from 6 facilities in Northern West Virginia to the NWVWTF that will provide advanced treatment for removal of TDS from approximately 3,500 gpm of water.

The Interdisciplinary Approach

Chester's extensive knowledge of mining wastewater, hydraulics, and pump station and conveyance system design allowed us to assemble a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team to design the project in an efficient manner and meet the demanding project schedule. During the design execution, Chester personnel used advanced hydraulic modeling software and 3-D CAD to optimize the design and ensure a cost effective design from both a capital and operations and maintenance standpoint.

The Sustainable Result

Throughout the design process, Chester was able to provide the customer a number of value engineering changes from their conceptual design that resulted in significant capital and operating cost savings. Furthermore, Chester completed the design on schedule which will help the customer to meet the Administrative Order's compliance deadline for constructing the Water Conveyance Systems and delivering water to the NWVWTF.

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Project Highlights:
  • 170,000 LF of pipeline designed in less than 9 months.
  • 7 pump stations conveying 3,500 gpm of water to central treatment facility.
  • Value engineering ideas resulting in significant cost savings for customer.