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Replacement Discharge Floating Pipeline and Winch Barge for the Dredge Reed

Client: Port of New Orleans Board of Commissioners

The Challenge

Our client for this project was the Port Authority of New Orleans (PORTNO). PORTNO is responsible for operating and maintaining all facilities and services associated with the Port of New Orleans which extends to the operation and maintenance of loading and unloading of wharfs and piers, warehousing, public dockage facilities and maintenance of navigable waterways within their areas of operation.

The overall scope of our work involved a comprehensive program of engineering services to assist PORTNO in the procurement of a new discharge floating pipeline and ancillary dredge equipment for their recently commissioned "Dredge Reed". In the performance of this work, Chester Engineers assisted PORTNO’s Engineering Department and the Dredging Department by providing detailed design and specification documents and bid support services as the principal components of a procurement package for these upgrades as well as on-going construction management services including inspection oversight, review and approvals of submitted shop-drawings and pay items, on-going design modification and value engineering. Our efforts permitted the PORTNO to proceed with the procurement and installation of these upgrades within the framework of a high priority assigned to the acquisition, installation, performance capabilities and safety considerations of the work.

The main challenges in this effort were:
  • Expediting the performance of the work.
  • Investigation/development of all pertinent design/equipment criteria.
  • Act as principal liaison between the Chester Team and PORTNO.
  • Final preparation of bid documents including interim plans, final plans and final specifications.
  • Approval of all interim submittals by other parties.
  • Resolution of data gaps and/or site issues identified.
  • Bid Process assistance.
  • On-going construction management.

The Interdisciplinary Approach

The CHESTER TEAM had been specifically assembled from key individuals from THREE separate firms that have been convened with the sole intent of meeting the unique technical project requirements of the work. The fundamental decisions which were made in identifying the team members was based on technical expertise, familiarity with the work and ability to provide complementary and overlapping skill sets chosen to address separate and distinct components of the work.

The CHESTER TEAM consists of:
  • CHESTER ENGINEERS as the prime contractor for the project. We were responsible for the total oversight, management and performance of the team and was extensively involved with preparation of final drawings, final design specifications and bid documents, and construction management, as well as general project management requirements and coordination. We were the principal liaison between the CHESTER TEAM and PORTNO. Chester utilized both our local New Orleans staffing for local interdisciplinary liaison work, field and data gathering and local project requirements, and construction management and our main core staffing from our main office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which has considerably more technical depth in detailed design, project management, accounting and cost controls, contracting and final preparations of drawings, designs and bid documents.
  • DOWNEY ENGINEERING CORPORATION, (Marine Architects) A local and well respected firm in the New Orleans area, had the major role in the design and preliminary drawing preparation, data gathering and specification validation, design conformance, technical analyses and technical consulting of all marine (i.e. mechanical) engineering issues. This firm provided structural design and analyses services to meet the highly specialized naval architecture needs of the work.
  • TECHNIFLO (Hydrodynamics Specialist), provided technical expertise involving pumping and transport of settling and non-settling slurries (i.e. hydraulic issues) and was also used for QA/QC oversight, analytical input, design critique, fluid flow considerations and theoretical design considerations unique to this application.

The Sustainable Result

By providing this badly needed upgrade to the newly acquired dredge, CHESTER ENGINEERS was able to assure that the operation of the recently commissioned dredge (Dredge Reed) will no longer be encumbered by operational limitations of the former pipeline and winch barge, a legacy from the former de-commissioned dredge in service by PORTNO, which had been in service for over 30 years. The former equipment would not have permitted the efficiencies and capabilities afforded by this new dredge to be fully realized. The former floating discharge pipeline had demonstrated that it lacked sufficient capacity to efficiently utilize the through-put capacity of this enhanced dredge transport system. Cheser's contribution to this effort will provide increased levels of performance and productivity at reduced operating costs and enhanced levels of safety for several decades to come.

In fulfilling the requisites of this project, CHESTER ENGINEERS has demonstrated our abilities to excel in providing unique and highly specialized engineering services utilizing both intra-company resources, as well as developing highly successful synergies, by forming strategic alliances with partner companies.

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Project Highlights:
  • Preparation of engineering bid documents related to the necessary upgrades of a floating discharge pipeline and winch barge.
  • Final design plans.
  • Final specifications.
  • Construction oversight services.