New Providence Water and Wastewater Master Plan

Client: The Bahamas Water & Sewerage Corporation, Nassau, Bahamas

The Challenge

The need for the Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation to develop a comprehensive master plan for providing water and wastewater services on New Providence was recognized and documented in the Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas (IWRMP).

The Interdisciplinary Approach

In March 2008, Chester Engineers completed an interim report on the New Providence Water and Wastewater Master Plan for The Bahamas Water & Sewerage Corporation (WSC). The Master Plan documents existing conditions and future conditions for water and wastewater facilities and distribution systems, identifies capital improvement projects, and presents a financial analysis for the WSC to consider to provide the water and wastewater services that meet the needs of New Providence. This analysis anticipates that the Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation will continue to serve as the primary provider of public water and wastewater services and that the number of customers served by the Corporation will increase in accordance with the goals presented in the WSC 2000 – 2012 Corporate Business Plan and summarized below:

Year Number of Wastewater Customers Projected Wastewater Generation (migd) Number of Water Customers Projected Water Consumption (migd)
2012 20,000 12.6 55,000 22.3
2027 30% of Households 14.5 75% of Households 25.2

The Sustainable Result

    The plan presented capital improvement costs associated with meeting WSC objectives in 2012 and in 2027. Construction of the recommended regional water and wastewater facilities will:
  • Eliminate the chance of contaminants entering the groundwater system via malfunctioning septic systems.
  • Result in lower capital costs as well as reduced operation and maintenance expenses versus continuing to build small water and wastewater plants.
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    Project Highlights:
  • Prepared Water and Wastewater Master Plan for New Providence.
  • Plan estimated costs for facilities required to provide wastewater service to 30% of households and water service to 75% of households by 202.